Nowadays, charity comes in different forms, and nonprofit blogging is one of them. Nonprofit fundraising is one of these obstacles. Raising funds for nonprofit organizations is quite a complicated process that needs as little as possible. Be vigilant about cost-effectiveness. If you are creating economic value for your stakeholders, try to grab some of them as income to attract more people. In this blog, we’ve mentioned some inspiring top nonprofit blogs that you need to visit.

What are nonprofit blogs? A brief introduction:
Blogs are a great way to deliver your point of you in front of an audience; that’s why nonprofit organizations own different types of blogs to enlighten their audience with their goals and find a way to attract them. Even today, blogs are one of the most effective ways to post and spread information worldwide. Remember this, it seems easy to become a part of nonprofits’ growth strategies.
It is also the least expensive way to apply the technique of nonprofit marketing. Your blog can be based on all the niches you work on, or it can be all the motives of setting up your own nonprofit. You can share some interesting articles that enhance the support level of nonprofit fundraising.

Top nonprofit blogs that you need to visit:
Managing a nonprofit organization is a tough job in itself, and the creation of your social sites can add more weight to your responsibilities. Here are some of the best nonprofit blogs to learn the basic architecture of building a blog if you want to.

  1. Beth’s blog:

Content:  marketing and technology
This blog is owned by Beth Kanter, an author and a phenomenon trainer, whose work is famous for aiding the nonprofit sector. Her first two books, “The Networked Nonprofit” and “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” were heavily based on nonprofit social media usage and developing social influence. Her third one, The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit,” highlighted the topic of nonprofit growth strategies.
She started her blog in 2003, and it was one of the earliest nonprofits blogs that discussed various types of nonprofit technology, coaching, and nonprofit marketing and helped other organizations enhance their nonprofit fundraising techniques to increase donations.
If you are starting a new blog, you surely need to visit her blog and take inspiration from her because she is one of the most appreciated nonprofit blog owners. She is widely applauded for her work on an international scale.

  1. Tech Soup:

Content:  website development and technological updates
Tech soup is one of the top-rated websites that offer services in nonprofit technology. It guides you in selecting and implementing suitable tech gadgets and services and answering any tech-related questions that can come while using different software.
It also offers guidelines and services for nonprofit website development to improve your web content, audience, and architecture. Meanwhile, it provides consultation and different nonprofit marketing plans and management plans to boost your audience and smooth control of your organization’s social side.

  1. Classy:

Content: strategies for nonprofit fundraising
This is a blog based on nonprofit fundraising guidance. It will help you in planning, organizing, managing, and completing various fundraising events. It will also help you use different software and tools for online funds campaigns, which would help increase your donations safely and securely.
It also provides nonprofits with different and fantastic fundraising software for your online donations, helping to grow your organization. It also offers its guidelines and information in the form of podcasts, articles, and videos.

  1. John Haydon:

Content: marketing strategies and growth tactics
Are you the one who is looking for some fantastic nonprofit marketing tips and tricks? Then it would help if you indeed visited John Haydon’s blogs. He is very talented, intelligent, with exceptional marketing expertise and is widely known for his work in the nonprofit sector. Although he is no longer with us, his work on marketing, varying from social media strategies to advanced marketing, is a treasure he left.
His blogs and policies will provide you with some fantastic tactics, strategies, and training to boost your nonprofit reputation. You can get info from his blogs and detailed articles to level up your marketing game.

  1. Wild Apricot:

Content: fundraising, social media suggestions, website development, software and latest tech.
There could be no reason to dislike this blog site. It’s such a colorful site with fantastic posts. If you are looking for a manual to nonprofit web development and technology, you are in the right place. It can provide you with different software, applications, and nonprofit tech gadgets to boost your website without worries and time-wasting. It can also counsel you from the very first step, i.e., creating your own nonprofit to the pro level of strategic marketing and various plans of hosting a successful nonprofit fundraising event. We would highly recommend you visiting this blog if you are new in the field of a nonprofit organization.

  1. Nonprofit Pro:

Content: marketing.
Are you trying to enhance your strategies and leadership abilities? If yes, then visit a nonprofit pro. This blog provides you with different nonprofit growth strategies and tactics. Their blogs can provide you with ways to create and improve your relationship with your fund donors, the basics of campaign marketing, e-philanthropy, polishing your leadership skills, and much more.
Visit their blogs to read unique articles based on fundraising tips and tricks, management, tech reviews, and guidance to nonprofit marketing composed of many experts in their fields.

  1. Bloomerang:

Content: nonprofit development
An exciting name, isn’t it? Well, we loved not only its name but also its content. Its posts can become your virtual assistant (just a metaphor) because it guides you on many different levels.
Its range starts from small fundraising lessons in the form of blogs. It goes through nonprofit growth strategies, performance managing, marketing strategy, and policies, from catching the audience’s compassion to managing funds and many other exciting blog posts that you can read and apply in your organization’s ploys. You’ll be very thankful to us after reading this blog, and it’s a bet.

  1. Nonprofit quarterly:

Content: information and news regarding nonprofit organizations
Ever wondered what’s happening in the nonprofit world? Sometimes, it gets hard to catch the news from every corner of the world. But wait! You don’t live in the 1960s. As we live in a much-digitalized era, we need to take full advantage of it wisely to stay updated about all events and tittle-tattle regarding nonprofits.
The nonprofit quarterly will deliver the fresh and latest information regarding fundraising, surveys, management, and all the problems a typical nonprofit organization has to go through.
So, we would recommend that you visit this blog if you want to keep yourself updated with all kinds of info because it can help you deal with any problems ahead.

  1. Big Duck:

Content: a guide to fundraising and marketing
Good communicating skills are the key to success. Well, the big duck has taken this under consideration. It emphasizes up-grading communication skills because they know that it would help nonprofits in marketing. Still, it would help them develop a good sense of trust with donors and improve the steps taken in nonprofit fundraising.
They have developed a fantastic framework of nonprofit marketing with campaigns and various social platforms, which is an effective way to catch the audience’s eye. They also help establish your nonprofit’s label and taglines so that you can be considered an organization on an international level.

  1. Socialbrite:

Content: nonprofit social media promotion
Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for getting into the limelight, but it can be tough to handle and optimize it. Don’t worry; socialite’s got your back. Their blogs would provide you with ultimate mentoring about nonprofit social media usage.
Its tutorials and how-to’s will guide communication thoroughly through managing social media platforms. Usage of different tools for social applications, social media campaigns for fundraising, marketing in any circumstance, a guide to blog writing, nonprofit web development, and many more are featured in this fantastic blog site.
Visiting this site is highly recommended if you plan to launch your nonprofit social media to get yourself some extra audience and increase your fund’s source.

Final verdict:
The above blogs are known for their mastery of different nonprofit welfare niches. These blogs have been working for years and even decades to gain a reputable position in this advanced and digital world. Every skill required for nonprofits, ranging from nonprofit fundraising to tech development, is well highlighted.
These blogs provide us with the skeleton of building or promoting a nonprofit from scratch. So, we would recommend you visit these blogs and learn from them as much as possible. I hope this article has been informative for you.

Our mission statement:
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