If you’re wondering about how technology can help your nonprofit website, you are in the right place. We will give you a quick step by step guide on how tech can help your nonprofit website by using technology. However, as you know, how to make donations changes day by day. People care about your work, and this is the main reason that makes people donate. The question is, what drives them to make donations?
Also, people prefer to give donations in the online world because they are influenced and inspired by others. Finally, it’s an addictive thing to share. However, those who desire to give donations are more active in taking action. Before going into a deep understanding of how technology can boost your nonprofit website or how technology can help you in the development process, you need to understand how nonprofit give potential donors. Let’s discuss it:
How your nonprofit employees bring potential donors to break fundraising strategy
To create a deep understanding of what makes someone take action, it’s essential to use a CRM customer relationship management tool that will help you to organize your work.
Nonprofit organizations possess the bulk amount of data, but they are unable to make it actionable. In general, if you are a nonprofit organization owner, you would probably know who your donors are, and you have some kind of knowledge about which strategies worked well and which didn’t work in the past.

Six best tech Do’s that can help your nonprofit

So, we found the best technologies do’s that help your nonprofit do more good.

  1. Connect more with technology:

The first step is connecting your nonprofit growth strategies with technology. These days, technological advancements come into play for both nonprofit and profit corporations specializing in the online world. The main aim in using new specialized strategies is to apply new innovative tools to make your nonprofit more profitable.
However, some organizations are working on the impact of nonprofit websites and creating an infrastructure to stay updated about new technology changes the current trend. They actively participate in telling them how your nonprofit can be boosted with technology.
Different NGO members in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and the Americans help other nonprofit organizations and share new ideas with them on how they can create impact over the globe. They connect with their respective local NGOs and work harder to make other nonprofits fully resource-able.
Do you know that the TechSoup corporation sponsors 90 other leading tech organizations, such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Adobe? They also network with other tech organizations to enhance technological activities.

  1. Share the news

Moreover, the best way to boost your nonprofit website is to share your nonprofit organization’s news. If NRP shares news and Ted shares various ideas, these multimedia platforms share high-quality programs, information, and communication to a large audience of about 975 independent areas. These platforms have a large audience with 26 million connected people, and more and more people are connected every week.
This a significant advantage for your nonprofit growth strategies. But it is your responsibility to approach these types of large platforms that help your nonprofit share your news ideas and programs. However, the mission of NRP is to build and inform the deeper formations through digital and technological advancement. So, with these features and actions of NRP and Ted, you can imagine how much they are worth. Moreover, take advantage of these organizations to make your nonprofit website more profitable.

  1. Through tech ending poverty

The third step is ending poverty through technology. There is a significant opportunity to end poverty by using technological sources, such as SamaSource, the digitized source that helps complete poverty factors.  However, to stop poverty, SamaSource gives children and women opportunities to dignify their activities digitally.
The corporation SamaSource recruits children and women and helps them make less than $3 a day. They help these children and women to work, making their living comfortable. Although this is not just what the SamaSource organization does, they also provide computer program training to their workers and work as a team to outscore the work where they perform critical jobs. In these stories and working processes, you should understand how much technology plays a vital role in nonprofit and profit organizations. It would be best if you took advantage of these trending strategies.

  1. Mapping the audience voice

Ushahidi is another heart of a nonprofit that collects information interactive visualizing mapping. Like Ushahidi, you can also upgrade the voice of others who are not making their voice. So, technology is not just for approaching people who are unaware of new advanced technological trends, but it’s also for those nonprofit organizations who raise their voices against any issue.
So, we find the best practice is to map the audience, so you can get ideas about how you can handle your audience.  Since the commerce has increased, however, Ushahidi and other international platforms face great crises and the range of downsizing. In more than 159 countries, 35,000 maps have been built in 30 different languages.

  1. Engage your donors

Moreover, the other step is to engage your donors using technology. The word engagement is the source used to communicate, and we hear this word so many times in any organization.
But for nonprofits, it is highly used for communication with the audience. But now, technology has changed the entire definition of donor engagement.
But why? Because it became too difficult to communicate with the audience, but it’s easier to reach them by using technology. People want you to update them. They want you to invite them to upcoming events, and they want to donate to you, but in their way.
However, a person with a busy routine receives 121 emails and probably checks their phone 150 times. So if your nonprofit sends weekly emails, and another person is quite active and doesn’t read your email, it means your nonprofit website setting will be down.  Before sending an email or any other newsletter, inform your audience and tell them before you do. Because by informing them, they can make up their mind and get the complete information actively and passively.

  1. Possess data at your fingertips

It seems all the data of an organization depends upon the size of the organization. If your nonprofit website is small, it means you can easily track your data. But if your organization is large and you have a team, your team may not be able to handle the work. Although all the organization’s data seems to be smart as the organization appears, how can you track your nonprofit organization’s data? If a person gave you $30 in the past, and it continuously provides you $30, you don’t need to ask for more money.
We recommend a tool known as CRM for donations campaigns. It is a useful tool that most nonprofit corporations handle. It shows the contributor’s history, age, name, ID, and many other things. Thereby, these tools are highly used by most corporations.

  1. Take the full picture:

However, as you know, our supporters are the donations maker, and they are the people who need appreciation. You don’t need to take this wrong because whenever it helps, you are probably saying thanks. So if your donors help your corporation for the sake of humility, you need to appreciate them using technology. You can upload pictures with them, you can celebrate an event with them, or you can be thinking about them online.
When you do these things, they understand that you care about them. This action is useful, and people like appreciation. Hence, try to give your donors anything, whether it’s uploading a picture to your nonprofit site, a blog post, visual stuff, or anything. Just give them and interact with them. It will resolve all your issues.


According to the research, people make donations for multiple reasons. So, the first thing is simply asking. As a nonprofit corporation, when you ask people to give charity, they are more active in making donations. So, make sure this information will help your website do more good with technology.
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