Setting up a nonprofit can be rewarding and bring people together. It can generate funds for those who need them and let you work as part of a team, interact with the public, and make like-minded friends. Since nonprofit organizations get tax benefits and exemptions, the government wants to ensure businesses aren’t disguising themselves as nonprofits to evade taxes. For this reason, the paperwork to set up your organization tends to be heavy.

Despite the sometimes heavy work involved in getting started, there are tricks to cut out the unnecessary nuisance. Online Impacts shares a list of simple steps you can follow to get up and running.

Choose Your Cause

Ready to start working toward a good cause? Great, but which one? Perhaps you’re one of those people who’ve known since childhood that your life would be dedicated to helping orphans or rescuing animals. If not, don’t worry. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always research to find out who is most in need. Unfortunately, we live in a world where poverty, war, and suffering are rife. With a bit of searching, you’ll find people who need your help.

Brand and Market Your Nonprofit

Yes, even nonprofit organizations need good branding. You want people to believe in your cause, so you’ll need to convince them. This will ultimately lead to more donations. Using an online logo maker app is a great way to get a nice logo quickly and easily. There are no delays waiting for the designer to send drafts. You just need to fill in some details about your organization, and you’ll be given a range of options to choose from.

If you’re unhappy with the designs, you can always play around with the font and colors to see what works. You’ll need to set up a marketing campaign to generate donations. Events, raffles, and online campaigns are all proven ways to generate funds

Structure the Organization

Nonprofit organizations don’t work the same way as hierarchy-focused companies. Oftentimes, there are trustees and board members who engage in a voting system. To avoid conflict down the line, you’ll need to have this system worked out before you start. You’ll also need to create bylaws — operational guidelines that help everyone involved in the business avoid confusion about how things work. An organized operational structure will also help you facilitate the daily management of your nonprofit and keep it running smoothly.

Once you’ve completed this step, go out and recruit some volunteers. You’ll almost certainly meet a bunch of like-minded, driven people.

Get the Right Accounting and Payroll Software

Just like any organization, nonprofit organizations are admin-heavy. Every dollar coming through needs to be meticulously tracked. Accounting software is a necessity for any modern organization. Ideally, your nonprofit accounting software can be used to track donations, create invoices, and keep your organization’s finances in order. Make sure you also choose a platform that comes with time tracking and payroll processing services. This enables you to automate payroll for any paid employees, and easily organize tax forms.

On Your Way To Helping Others

Creating a nonprofit organization is undoubtedly a noble thing to do, and you shouldn’t have to suffer doing it. You’ll meet great people and get valuable business experience, all while helping others.