Completely Free Website Hosting/Website/Plugin/Social Media/Tech Development For Nonprofits

We are fueled by the belief of doing good to others. We promise to never charge a single penny to a nonprofit. Nonprofits save lives. We have their back.
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Want Website Development? How We Develop Websites Free For Nonprofits(4 Weeks To Develop)


We research what your nonprofit does, reference similar nonprofit websites, and see how to improve/create the website for your nonprofit.


We redesign the website with our expertise in UI/UX, optimize it for any device, and place objects in places to make your nonprofit successful.


We go through meetings with your nonprofit to make sure we are developing it the way your nonprofit wants it to be.


We make sure everything is the way your nonprofit wants it, release all the credentials to your nonprofit, and train your nonprofit to edit the website. 

Other Completely Free Work We Can Do

SEO & Analytics Service

We can optimize your website for SEO and give a place to see your website analytics. SEO is search engine opimization and it will make your website rank higher in search results when someone searches things related to your nonprofit.


Social Media

We can build a structure for all your social media accounts and optimize it for success with our experts.

Tech Help

Need help troubleshooting your laptop, setting up online meetings, or thinking of what technology solutions to use for a problem. We cover almost everything in tech help!

Premium Plugins

We have unlimited licenses to these plugins and offer it completely free for nonprofits

✅ Smush Pro – One of the best image optimizers for wordpress.

✅ Hummingbird Pro – Everything you need to get your site running super fast.

✅ Defender Pro – Regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and security tweaks for WordPress.

✅ Hustle Pro – Grow your nonprofit and audience with this super easy, email opt-in and marketing plugin.

✅ Forminator Pro – Drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin with interactive polls and quizzes for increasing user engagement and building a following.

✅ Smartcrawl Pro – Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration.

✅ Snapshot Pro(Another Backup Place) – Make and schedule incremental backups of your WordPress websites and store them on secure cloud storage.

✅ Branda Pro – White label WordPress branding for both the front and back end of your site or network.

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If you’re on a mission to create greater impact, Online Impacts can help. Our website hosting is trusted by hundreds of nonprofits.