Nonprofit organizations can also be termed as a public – service organization. They are established by persons for the sake of helping humanity. These organizations are not for profit, so taxes are not deductible in this. Nonprofit organizations need a website to get recognition and the promotion of their ideology and agenda. They convey their message through their website.
Although it is not easy to convey your message and convince people and make permanent donor partners, it can be attainable if you follow some tactics to run a nonprofit website development organization.
Here are some best nonprofit marketing methods:

  • First, define your target audience
  • Make smart goals and objectives
  • Use all social media platforms to promote your message
  • Make your nonprofit website and convey the detail of your organization through content writing
  • Make short videos and attractive Facebook ads to attract people to your cause
  • Showcase your previous results
  • Follow up your plan with time and make necessary changes if needed

There are also some revenue-generating for nonprofit growth strategies:

  • Use the highlighted donation button on your website
  • Make more donor partners by arranging special events
  • Convince and guide people through your media appearance
  • Attract donors by using social media and advertisements

Which are the Top Nonprofit Websites?
Here’s the list of best nonprofit websites created for nonprofit fundraising and highly developed now by showing their cause and the organization’s real purpose. As their aim is precise, they get huge funds by connecting with millions of people.

  1. World Wildlife Fund:
The World Wildlife Fund is well-known for conserving animals and nature. Its main operation is to save souls and decrease the danger of a variety of life on land. From 1961, the year it was founded, it has 90 offices that work on both national and local issues. According to the WWF website, they have six goals, including “climate, food, forest, oceans, freshwater, and wildlife.”
The most prominent features of this website that make it excellent are:

  • The main interface has” our work,” “species,” and the “places” option.
  • The adopt to call and donations option.
  • Most attractive images and social media materials, blogs
  1. Children International:
Children international is also the best nonprofit website worldwide. They are focused on eliminating poverty in third world countries. Children International offers education programs, skills, and jobs to help children and adults who live a life of poverty. The four main objectives of this nonprofit website are health, education, empowerment, and employment.
Children International is determined to improve the health of children so that they have a better future. Moreover, this website builds confidence in children that encourages them to continue success in generations.

  1. Charity: water:
Charity: water, as the name suggests, is designed to build awareness among the masses about the shortage of clean water. Our blue planet has 70% of water, but drinking clean water is out of reach of millions of people. The main goal of this nonprofit website is to get funds and donations for clean water projects. It is their mission to provide safe water worldwide, mainly to the poorest countries of southern Africa.
Charity: water is on the top list of the best nonprofit websites because of its most trusted online work. Their homepage contains all elements a good website must have, such as a donation option, about us, explanation of their goal. Attractive images and success stories are also part of their website.

  1. Habitat for Humanity:
This nonprofit tech website organization works to make housing society in a suitable environment. It runs by funds and strives to provide homes and shelter to homeless people. This nonprofit website, “Habitat for humanity,” is designed to showcase their achievements, donations, and funds. According to this website, they have built 1.3 million homes, and more than 29 million people have been sheltered.
Their homepage design covers all categories, like what we do, get involved, and work in Great Britain. From the blog section, you can see the life-changing stories of people living in slums.

  1. Convoy of Hope:
Convoy of Hope is based on religious beliefs. 130 million people are served through this nonprofit website technology. They said that our goal is to “bring help and hope to those who are needy, hungry, and hurting.” The Convoy of Hope is associated with churches, government activities, and productions, providing food to sick and starving communities. It also provides services in disaster time.
It’s simple-looking, but the attractive website is a way of collecting donations throughout the world. The Convoy of Hope plays a role in the empowerment of women in helpless societies. Furthermore, this organization runs different schemes to give opportunities to start their particular businesses.

  1. Feeding America:
The nonprofit organization, “Feeding America,” feeds the hungry and poor people. It serves in all states of America, supplying food through the food bank. It is researched that 1 in 7 Americans do depend on this organization, and it feeds almost 46 million people throughout America. It also focuses on dietary food that can help children to grow.
They have designed a comprehensive homepage that covers their mission. The exclusive feature, “find a food bank,” makes a strong connection with their goal.

  1. Oxfam International:
‘Oxford Committee for Famine Relief,’ abbreviated as ‘Oxfam,’ is another international organization that strives to end poverty. The prime purpose is to eradicate poverty on this planet. This organization responds to the food crisis in South Sudan, East Africa, Syria, and Yemen.  This organization focuses on work and organizes campaigns for gender justice and women’s rights, climate and natural resources, conflicts and disasters, and refugee crises.

  1. American Diabetes Association:
The American diabetes association is a US-based nonprofit organization. The primary purpose is the treatment and care of diabetes, and it also provides complete guidance to diabetic patients. Besides, it gives awareness about diabetes, related to its causes and treatment, recipes, and nutrition.
The American Diabetes Association is also a nonprofit informational website, as it gives information about diabetes diagnoses. The outlook of this website is very eye-catching with its images and text. There are many categories, like Covid-19, diabetes risk, healthy living, research, etc. This website also has a unique feature, “What’s New,” in which they upload updates about Covid-19 and all diabetes discoveries.

  1. Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan:
Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan is a famous nonprofit website in the country. It is also known as an “umbrella organization” to control all activities related to Thalassemia in Pakistan.
This website has a simple main interface with home, us, member societies, events, and contact options, such as “What is Thalassemia,” and “all achievements” of this organization are also shown on the website, making it excellent.

  1. Amnesty International:
Amnesty International, a nonprofit organization, is free from any political or religious parties. The primary purpose behind this movement or organization is to protect human rights.
It has performed various tasks and tries to solve many cases related to armed conflicts, arms control, climate change, the death penalty, detention, discrimination, international justice, police violence, and torture. It has also campaigned for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants’ rights and put pressure on the government to protect refugees’ lives without any discrimination.

  1. American Heart Association:
The American Heart Association is a nonprofit website, conducts cardiovascular research on funds, educates people about the care of heart and healthy lifestyle, preventing them from cardiac attack or disease.
This best nonprofit website spreads awareness and also motivates people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through their blogs. They have their team of professional researchers who donated $4.5billion in conducting research related to heart disease.

  1. The New York Public library:
The New York public library (NYPL) is a well-known library, aiming to provide educational and learning facilities to all New Yorkers. It is the US’s biggest free library, providing knowledge, information and educating millions of people. NYPL also serves millions of people online through its website. You can get a library card online and can get access to your favorite book. For the residents of New York, a library card is valid for three years, and for nonresidents, it is useful for three months. New York kids can also get benefit from this super great library by applying for the online digital card. Moreover, you can donate to this library as it has a “donation” feature on the website.

  1. American Red Cross:
American Red Cross, one of the largest nonprofit websites, aims to give people shelter, care, and blood in any disastrous situation. They are ready to help anyone, anywhere across the country or around the world, without any discrimination. They have their robust network of supporters and partners, who are always prepared in any time of need and emergency.

  1. Doctors Without Borders:
The prime mission of ‘Doctors without borders’ is to provide medical aid to the victims of war or any natural disasters. It tries its best to give lifesaving medical facilities in times of need. It is one of the best nonprofit charity websites, saving thousands of people’s lives. Without border indicates, they provide medical aid regardless of religion, race, and political conflicts. Their homepage contains all categories, like who we are, what we do, donation, careers, etc., and when you point to these categories, a drop-down box shows further options.
Wrapping Up:
The above nonprofit websites play an essential role in promoting their organization, social recognition, fundraising, and donation and helped achieve their goals. Nonprofit tech websites allow people to have a better understanding of the cause and activities of the organization. It attracts more people and volunteers, too.
Our mission statement:
Online Impacts is an organization that develops websites, digital marketing, and technology solutions for nonprofits utterly free of cost. Our primary focus is to help humanity and the entire world as much as possible.

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