Technology has become an inseparable part of every community and field. It is impossible to run any company or organization, especially the nonprofit sector, without technology. Hence, it is important to upgrade with the latest nonprofit technology to stay current with your audience, especially in the nonprofit fundraising sector.
A nonprofit organization thrives by donations. With the help of various technologies provided, you can engage more donors for your cause in an easy way which does not become a headache (like filling in several forms) to give donations. Tech helps to serve your community.

Simple ways to attract more donors through nonprofit technology:

Technology has helped the world in various ways. In this article, we provide you with some amazing ideas to get more donors with the help of nonprofit tech to make it easier to collect more funds.

1.    Easy donation process:

First of all, put yourself in the shoes of donors. Explore how it feels when you get enthusiastic about donating to an organization, and then you have to fill in a long form with several pages that kill all your excitement. You surely don’t want to do that with your donors. Firstly, start by creating a simple and fast procedure for collecting donations that do not confuse people. Try to take the least and most important information required from donors.

2.    Your customized donation page:

Try to create a separate donation page with the help of nonprofit website development companies that complement your website and organization. It should include:

  • It should be shareable on other nonprofit social media
  • It should have estimated donation calculations for each donor
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accessible for donors using mobile

3.    Donations through a simple text:

Another way of using nonprofit technology is by initiating fundraising by simple texting. This is as easy as it looks. You can use text-to-give donations through various software. In this fundraising type, you need to ask donors to message a specific code on one particular number allotted to the nonprofit. They’ll receive a link to the online donation option where they can further proceed.
This is useful when you are in the midst of your daily life routine, and the donor does not want to waste their time on the internet searching for your website; the texting method provides fast access to your donation form.

4.    Organize peer-to-peer donation program:

Although donors will give you donations online without any complaints, it is good to provide your donors and active nonprofit website visitors different excitement waves. You can do so by challenging your audience to do nonprofit fundraising on behalf of your organization.
With the help of different fundraising tools and software, you can help them create their donation pages to collect your nonprofit funds. This type of campaign has the following advantages.

  • The easiest way of nonprofit marketing
  • Increase enthusiasm in donors
  • Easy reach to social media platforms
  • Increase in nonprofit fundraising

5.    Host online events:

Hosting an event is part of nonprofit growth strategies and a positive way to interact with your donors and audience. You can increase your interaction with people by using various event hosting programs.
Live web auctions: You can organize various auction events with the help of online software; these nonprofit techs would help you to register participants, analyze bidding, and help in funds transaction and analysis.
Registrations for events: You can create online forms for registering volunteers for different marathons, formal functions, and many more.
Hosting online programs: With the help of technology, you can host online gaming competitions from all around the world. This helps you collect an audience from all around the world on just a computer, which is an effective way of fundraising.
Collect data regarding your audience: It is always better to perform a simple analysis regarding your fundraising. This allows you to raise optimum funds with the least amount of hard work possible. With the help of various programs (you can use CRM), collect data to perform nonprofit marketing strategically:

  • Analyze what gender and age group is more active in donations
  • Figure out which types of campaigns they prefer to donate
  • Check out if they like online donation or offline donation more
  • Find out the major cause for which you get nonprofit contributions
  • Find out which platform your nonprofit social media appreciates

6.    Use graphic illustrations:

You can use digital illustrations to keep your audience interested in your campaigns. You can use various graphic meters in which your donors can see your collected funds out of the required amount. You can appreciate your donors by providing them with your organization’s appreciation badges and by putting them on your appreciation board. This is considered a fun way to show gratitude to your donors.

7.    Video messages:

Try to appeal to the audience visually. Explaining your cause through video messages is a top-rated way for nonprofit marketing. Use different graphics and illustrations in your video to help your viewers to better understand your motto. The plus sides of these videos are that you can share them on any platform possible.

8.    CRM program:

When you are running a nonprofit, it gets harder day by day to organize data and manage various tasks all at once. Using a customer relationship management system (a CRM system) is a lifesaver for nonprofits. It performs multiple duties and helps in planning various programs in an efficient, time-saving method.
 Management of donor’s info: It helps manage all donor-related information and various contributors’ related trends far better than manual data collection.
Donation tracking: It keeps up with your donations tracking (online and offline), collection of funds, analytics of money collected by charity, and critical reports related to your campaign.
Advantages of CRM automation: With automation, you can perform nonprofit marketing, like generating emails and quick responses to donors, providing them updates related to funds. It saves a lot of manual hard work, which you can use in another way.
Easy planning: Worried about planning an event? Don’t worry. CRM has got you covered. It contains the optimum tools required to host a profitable event. It helps register the audience who wants to participate in the event, tracks the audience, creates event tickets, and manages all payment-related options. And finally, it updates you with your success ratio and feedback related to your event.
So we would recommend you have customized CRM software to increase your work’s efficacy with the minimum labor possible.

9.    Shop to donate:

With the help of nonprofit technology offered by various companies, you can introduce your audience to the shop to donate option. In this campaign, you can put up different life-essential products and items to sell on fundraising sites like a surprise. It will directly add a percentage of the money raised through selling those items to nonprofit funds. Or you can make this on your page with the help of nonprofit web development companies if you want to do direct management and organization of funds.
This is yet another effective way to bring more donors to your nonprofit organization.

10. Stay connected:

Never say goodbye to your donors because it is an unhealthy way to end your relationship with your donor. We would always advise you to stay connected to your benefactors by any means.
You can use emails as a bridge between you and your donor. You can keep them updated regarding your various campaign and events hosted by your nonprofit and invite them to your various charity events through emails and newsletters. With a firm connection between you and the patron, you could positively impact the community through which you will get a chance to invite more donors. SEO optimization and analytics service are useful to build Nonprofit growth strategies. The best option is to choose a nonprofit organization that charges nothing or a little amount for their service.


Progression over time is surely necessary. Every sector related to any field is dominated by technology. It is smart to use new technology to aid in charity and other areas related to nonprofit organizations with the minimum consumption of manual labor and time. Advancement with varying technologies and their usage would help with skills optimization and increase our reputation among other nonprofit associations.
This post mentioned some amazing and easy ways to gather more donors with various programs and software provided by nonprofit technology. You can apply these tips and tricks to your nonprofit growth strategies and consume the maximum advantage offered by them. We hope that this article helped out your nonprofit in the ultimate way possible. Thanks for reading this post.
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