In the 21st century, fundraising for nonprofits is not an easy deal. We cannot get funds by just putting a donation box in the shops or any other places. In an advanced era, we have to adopt advanced ways to fundraise for nonprofits. Technology plays a vital role in growing more donors, communicating with existing donors, and making easy donations to your organization.
Knowing what donor preferences are can benefit your fundraising. How to communicate, promote your goals and organize an event, etc. We have carefully and thoroughly searched bestseller ways to fundraise for nonprofits with tech and bring you a collection of the best ones.

Create a nonprofit website

 In this technological era, a website is an essential requirement for the growth of nonprofit fundraising. First of all, you have to make a website that will serve your organization’s basic needs. Your website must convey the same message that your organization wants. Your website will show your organization’s cause for people who are not aware of your organization.
To create a unique website, note down all the goals and objectives of your nonprofit organization, and these smart goals and objectives must be reflected in your website. To get more knowledge and a clear understanding of nonprofits’ websites, you can check other nonprofit websites that are getting high funds through their websites. Try to find out the best feature of those websites.
After analyzing this, you have to find nonprofit web development organizations. Make a list of the best companies to develop your website and compare them, then pick the best one who can fulfill all your demands.

Build a mobile-friendly website

To increase supporters on your website, make it optimizable on smartphones. Nonprofits can make mobile-friendly websites with scannable content, supportive features, and high page load speed. There are free hosting offers by Webhosting companies, like tsoHost, for small nonprofits that don’t have a website yet. There are two discrete options to ensure that your website is optimizable on mobile.
1 – the dual-site approach
A website that uses for mobile as well as desktop. Just Giving and Macmillan are nonprofit organizations that have mobile-friendly websites.
2 – adoptive design
The website should be adaptive to the screen of the user’s device. Adaptive web design supports different styles of a web page on each kind of screen size.

Connect with social media

Social media has tremendous power nowadays. As we can see, a picture or video goes viral within minutes worldwide. Nonprofits marketing can be done through social media. There are so many popular social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so that nonprofits can introduce their mission in any part of the world through these social media apps. You can also spread your voice through another favorite app TikTok. Individuals of every age like this app, so you would have a better chance of attracting thousands of people to your message.
Many foundations have got millions of funds by using social media hashtags.
#bigtobaccoblike campaign was not only used for fundraising but also for alerting essential issues.
Another viral social media campaign was #icebucketchallenge, used for motor neuron disease, which got many million dollars’ funds within a month.

Make a mobile app

One of the best ways to fundraise with tech is to build an app. Most of the successful nonprofit organizations use apps to connect with more people. It is reported that a charity increased its donation up to 19% with the help of a fundraising app. Also, you could make an app to teach people about their mission. Oxfam, a prominent nonprofit organization, has built an app for its users, allowing users to check and review their donation experience.
As we know, everyone has access to a mobile device. So, apps are easy means to influence the next generation. A well-developed app has significant benefits, such as collecting donor info, improved searchability, good communication, and more donations.

Use short video

So, why do nonprofits need a video for fundraising? Remember, today is the technology era, where watching videos on YouTube or other social media platforms dominate over reading. People love seeing the video because it is easy to understand with actions or emotions and connect with it. According to research, campaigns with fundraising that features film get four times more funds than campaigns without it.
Many prominent nonprofit organizations have made storytelling videos about their campaigns. For example, charity: water has a YouTube channel and made eye-catching videos about the water crisis in African countries, and they also give information about their projects.

Make an impressive presentation

Giving an impressive presentation is also one nonprofit growth strategy. It can help you acquire more donors by delivering a precise presentation about your organization and its mission to ease humanity. Nonprofit organizations need to be prepared for presentations; otherwise, they’ve lost a great chance of attracting the audience.
Note that a long, dragged-out presentation can divert the audience’s attention. Tell them the purpose behind the nonprofit organization and share motivational stories. The audience wants to know that their money goes to the right place, so gain their trust by showing past work. Lastly, don’t forget the Q/A session. This is necessary to clear any confusion about your charity.

Raise funds via emails

Email marketing is one of the fastest and most reasonable ways to get more donations. Campaigns via email are an effective way to share the nonprofit’s goals with past and present donors. Make such an email that attracts the reader. The main thing is to write an impressive subject line of the email that captures the reader’s attention. Add an introductory paragraph about your organization for new donors. After two or more sections, ask for a donation. If the paragraphs are too long, then the reader may overlook your email and move on.
You should personalize your email by making different sections of an email list–for instance, a distinct segment for active donors, inactive donors or new volunteers, etc. By making sections of an email list, your organization will target an audience with their topic of interest. The most crucial part is your website’s link or the “Donate Here” option; place it somewhere in the email body so it’s highly visible. Lastly, when you receive donations, don’t forget to send a thank you email to show your appreciation for contributions.

Text -to- donate technology

Text-to-donate is the latest technology for donation through mobile phones. You just have to choose software that will provide you with all the text donation features, and then this software will give you a unique and short phone number and code. Once everything is done, you promote this campaign on a different platform and tell people about your organization’s cause and also, you must gain the trust of people. Then they will donate to you, happy that their money is donating in the right way and into the right hands. This system works as a supporter will write the code and send it to that unique number; for example, he/she will write “donate $100” and send it to 999”. This software will deduct the supporter’s mobile balance.
If this text-to-donate campaign is done correctly, it’s a successful and quick way of fundraising. This method is mostly used when natural disasters occur, and the government adopts this way to get donations hurriedly.

Advance your payment method with tech

Another advanced way to boost funds and donations is to provide your donors with a convenient method to donate. For example, nowadays, everyone prefers to pay or receive money through a digital wallet like PayPal, Payoneer, Apple Pay; Masterpass is commonly used in the USA and every part of the world. So, nonprofits must adopt this easy and suitable way for fundraising. If nonprofits provide the advance payment facility, then there is a chance that they will get a donation in bulk from every corner of the world.
Although payments through mobile and online are more straightforward, a transaction fee is applied to it. Like if someone donates $50, the organization may receive less than that. But if you want to deliver all your money without any fees, here are few methods that will transfer the full amount.
1- If you donate through Facebook, then you will be no deduction of money. This is due to the “charitable giving page” of Facebook.
2- PayPal has a separate donation option that gives 100% donation to the respective nonprofit organizations.
3- A check is also a way of giving donations without a transaction. You can send the check to the nonprofit organization directly.

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