Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in our lives, and more than 59% of the population uses the internet worldwide. But for the nonprofit organization, it’s essential to know how your nonprofit website development can be boosted with technology.
Today, most businesses go online, and when you start an online business, your business landscape is touched with software tools. However, this means that technology authorize nonprofit and other commercial companies, whereas for nonprofit fundraising campaign NPO technologies has an active role.
The best thing about online nonprofit businesses is using technology to track their audience and donor info. They accept donations digitally and apply marketing strategies online. Well, in general, it’s obvious that your donors will approach you by using technology. People can help you by using social media or any other online source.
Now, mobile and tablets are the online interactions that share information within seconds. But the question is, how can you use this technology to boost your nonprofit website? Below, I have discussed the ten best features to help you to increase your website’s presence. But before that, take a look at how technology allows you to boost your nonprofit web development techniques. It will clear up all your doubts.

How technology helps you to boost your nonprofit website

In many ways, most nonprofit organizations suffer from less profit than profit-based organization; for nonprofits, it is challenging to deal with a lack of operating funds. For this, the nonprofit organization can make the best use of technology, which often provides effective cost.
Technology helps you improve the efficiency of your nonprofit organization, as manual paper processes are ineffective in today’s era, as they use paper documents, ink, and other office inventories. To avoid these old techniques, use new methods of technologies.
Automation is a cool tool for nonprofit fundraising.  A nonprofit corporation that helps build websites can solve technical issues and provide digital marketing strategies free of cost.

Ten best features to boost your nonprofit with technology

So, here you will find the best guidance to boost your website. Let’s have a look:

  1. Make your fundraising process online and offline:

The first feature is to take your fundraising process online. The popularity of mobile and tablet fundraising is rising continually, so don’t focus on other things. Merge your donations policy into one good plan, which will help your nonprofit to reach your audience.
Here are simple ways to do it.

  • When you are organizing an event regarding any charity auction, incorporate it with mobile awareness.
  • Use the selected slogan during the online fundraising program.

In using the same slogan, people will know your identity and might incorporate more funds online.

  1. You can help others in an emergency by using technology:

In the online world, social media works as the communication road for all nonprofit and profit organizations. It’s the best way to stand out as a collaborator for other nonprofit organization’s development. For example, if another nonprofit organization faces issues or they need help, you can help them in an emergency.
Technology made communications easy for your nonprofit, and your nonprofit organization could benefit from technology.  Hence, adding social media account to your site will help you raise your events marketing strategies in the online world.

  1. Technology helps you to find where your donors are:

Well, finding donors is the tricky part for every nonprofit corporation. Donors are not free, and they are not waiting for your newsletters. They are busy and working. They are engaging with vast arrays of activities. But your donors use mobile in their daily routine, so it’s your responsibility to make your website mobile responsive. With this action, you can use mobile technology to find your donors.

  1. Arrange contest with using technology:

The fourth feature is arranging contests using technology. Make sure your corporate volunteers take an active part in organizing the online contest. But what online contest should you have? It could be anything, such as a charity auction, donor support programs, storytelling framework, and many more.
You can arrange content on any social media account. You need to analyze which social media account has a large audience, as this shows how technology boosts online nonprofit growth strategies for businesses. Hence, sometimes arrange contests that  don’t just seek the audience’s attention. It just provokes them.

  1. Use CRMs for your nonprofit website:

CMR customer relationship management software is highly used in most nonprofit websites. It’s a kind of a research tool that finds your donors’ information. CRM software can record your donors’ information, such as donation amount, birthday, NIC number, and contact number. CRM tools can interpret your donor’s activity, and some nonprofit organizations use them frequently. It also includes other feature, such as:

  • It helps personalize marketing analytics
  • Specifies the queries
  • Technologies with other consolidation
  1. Use marketing automation technology for your nonprofit:

Marketing automation is used for fundraising purposes, but from our point of view, it’s the second-best technological platform used by nonprofit websites.  Marketing automation is used to maximize the efficiency of your nonprofit website. Therefore, here are a few tasks that can be used to manage your nonprofit website:

  • It helps you to make personalized content email and enhance the donor’s occurrence.
  • You can use nonprofit marketing automation to improve the donor’s relationship with your organization.
  • You can support this in condensed communication with your donors.

Market automation is not just used for efficiency but also to improve the communication of your nonprofit website.

  1. Use different avenues from mobile:

Do you know a fundraising campaign isn’t the only thing you leverage from your audience? There are other useful ideas for using mobile avenues for your nonprofit corporation.
Using QR codes allows your donors to engage with their mobile. QR is a quick response code that is usually made up of white and black quadrate. The best thing about a QR quick response is they are free to use, and you can also make them free.  Use one of the QR quick response codes for your nonprofit and post it anywhere you want.

  1. Make your nonprofit website mobile-friendly:

As you know, the usage of mobile is becoming more prevalent, and users are more comfortable with smartphones. For this, your nonprofit can take great advantage of this trend.
However, in the current era, if your website isn’t compatible with mobile, it means you are upsetting your users and donors. Because if they don’t find your website to be mobile-friendly, then chances are they will leave you forever. Although, there are few nonprofit upgrading points in which you can update your website.

  1. Optimize your nonprofit website donation page:

You need to understand that a nonprofit website donation page should be mobile-friendly. It’s your responsibility to make it user-friendly so that donors feel secure when they send you donations.

  • Include your social media accounts:

Moreover, some nonprofit websites don’t think that nonprofit social media accounts are worthwhile and valuable. They can take advantage of them by updating their upcoming programs to their supporters. So keep updating your audience by informing them about nonprofit fundraising events.

  • Add an email newsletter campaign:

Look, as the nonprofit website, you should know how an email campaign works and how valuable it is for your nonprofit websites. Keep sending emails once a week and inform your donors so they can get to know you. These are the primary key points to keep in mind while making your nonprofit website mobile-friendly.

  1. Track your audience actions data and analyze them:

The last strategy to help you boost your nonprofit website with nonprofit technology is to analyze your present data and check if your strategies are working or not. If you’ve updated your website to be mobile-friendly, and it’s not working any better – then you need to check it twice a week.
By tracking and analyzing data, you will understand what barriers are pushing you back a few matrices that you should consider:

  • The donations ration online and offline.
  • Check your website daily (if possible).


Understanding the best use of technology is challenging because there are unlimited options. You need to understand what type of nonprofit technology can help boost your website and solve your issues. As you saw, you can try using nonprofit tech and boost your website. A nonprofit organization works for your online business, and its core mission is to offer you an incredibly actionable plan.

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