Nonprofit tech plays a crucial role in lifting the organization; they have to identify the audience and continuously change the website according to the audiences’ change in mindset. We will be discussing what factors Online Impacts focuses on to boost engagement for the nonprofit websites they design.

For a nonprofit organization to be convincing, it must have a well-developed website. Online Impacts is a tech organization that provides services regarding nonprofit website development, building a structure for social media, and providing technology solutions for problems in different devices.

Do people often ask why nonprofit web development is significant? What role does it play in boosting nonprofit fundraising? Whenever someone hears about a nonprofit organization, they want to conduct thorough research before donating to the cause, and for this very reason, the organization’s website should have all the information. A poorly designed website would lead to the user leaving instead of focusing on knowing more about the organization.

Tips to Boost Engagement on the Website

Online Impacts want nonprofit organizations to grow and flourish, and they follow many nonprofit growth strategies in helping bring traffic to the website. Let’s look at some of the ways Online Impacts helps boost nonprofit marketing, as well as fundraising.

  1. Smooth Navigation

A good user experience for any website is easy navigation. This means that the user can easily access all the information they require from the website without digging deep. This can be done by having different pages on the website, like the ‘About Us’ page, Volunteer page, Donation page, etc.

To ensure the best nonprofit website development, Online Impacts designs a very user-friendly navigation bar. The navigation bar has the main pages, and every page title is between one to three words. Smooth navigation plays a crucial role in nonprofit fundraising and makes the cause authentic in the audience’s eyes.

  1. Mobile Device Optimization

In today’s world, many people access websites on their mobile phones. Due to this, websites nowadays have to be mobile-friendly. This means that when the user opens the websites on their phone, the website is designed in such an expert way that it is well-aligned even on a small screen instead of the user having to align the page themselves. Nonprofit technology friendliness is crucial in deciding whether the user will stay on the website or leave. One of Online Impacts’ services is to provide nonprofit tech with a good website that leaves a good long-lasting impression on the viewers.

If the website is well-designed, the user will not have to zoom in to read the content or tilt their mobile screens, as all of these inconveniences may lead to the user leaving the website.

For good nonprofit website development, Online Impacts ensures that your website elements, like the navigation bar, forms, images, popups, etc., adjust automatically to fit the mobile screen.

  1. Maintaining a Good Blog

A lot of nonprofit organizations use blogs as a form of engagement tool. To have a useful and engaging blog, Online Impacts guides nonprofit organizations to have different blog stories. The blog can have narratives from people who are involved directly with the cause of the organization. People who have experienced everything first-hand regarding the organization’s purpose will have very heart-touching stories, leading to more traffic on the website.

There are many nonprofit strategies for growing the organization’s website, and one of them is to use images that highlight the organization’s primary cause. Images of people involved and affected by the organization’s good reason need to be shared with the people’s consent.
When making the website more engaging to the users, Online Impacts make sure that they have added different Call-To-Action buttons like ‘Donate Now’ so that when the users feel very strongly about the cause, they can also be part of the good it is spreading.

  1. Publishing Content on Multiple Channels

The world of social media is ever-growing. Every year, a new form of connecting to each other is developed, and people get hooked on it. Hence, it is essential to have nonprofit social media for these organizations. This is done to raise awareness, especially amongst the youth.
Nowadays, Instagram is the most used social media platform, followed by Facebook and Twitter. Online Impacts guides the nonprofit organizations it works with to have an active social media account on major platforms. The posts on the website’s blog can be cut up into smaller versions, and the content can be posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The nonprofit marketing department can also invest in making a short 2 to 4-minute video clip and uploading it on YouTube and other platforms, as videos are more engaging.

Along with all these posts, the link of the website or the donation page can be added so that people can easily donate to the cause after viewing the social media posts, or if they want to learn more about the organization, they can do that.

  1. Keeping Things Simple

We have talked about a lot of nonprofit growth strategies in promoting traffic on the organization’s website. However, one essential thing that Online Impact keeps in mind is not complicating the website for the users. The simpler it is, the easier it is to use.

The information on the website should comply in an excellent exact way, and cramming should be avoided. Nonprofit web development should not solely focus on having more traffic on the website; it should also focus on creating an impact and gaining long-term donors.
How Online Impacts works as a nonprofit organization?

Online Impacts also focuses on the load time of each page on the website. Regular tests have to be done on the website to ensure each page is being loaded timely. If the load time is a lot, then the users will leave the website, so a close check is kept.  Along with simplicity, having good nonprofit fundraising, Online Impacts ensures consistency regarding the material on the website. The way the organization does its branding and nonprofit marketing via the website will play a massive role in deciding whether the user is interested in giving to the cause or is not satisfied.

All things discussed are factors that need to be kept in mind by companies like Online Impacts. However, the knowledge of the nonprofit organization members also plays an essential role in boosting their website engagement. The founder of the organization, along with the members, needs to know about digital engagement. This is also a critical factor in nonprofit growth strategies. When people working for the organization have different ideas on how to increase engagement on the website, and when there will be meetings to brainstorm ideas, the company will be able to do something unique, ultimately leading to more engagement.
Furthermore, along with the website developers, the company itself needs to identify its member demographics so that they can target them via nonprofit social media. Organizations do not realize the importance of identifying their demographics. Demographics include which generation mainly gives to their cause, which region and gender they should focus on? These demographics can be collected via social media platforms and also via donor research. When monitoring the nonprofit social media, the organization’s members can easily find out their target audience and build content.

Overall, boosting engagement for nonprofit organizations websites is not the work of only the nonprofit tech like Online Impacts.
It is a joint effort by the website developers and also the members of the organization. In the long run, it is more dependent on the organization members as they have to continually update content on their nonprofit website and different social media platforms. This is what leads to a good engagement for any nonprofit organization. If the organization solely depends on the website developers, they will miss out on a lot of marketing and donor opportunities.

Online Impacts is an organization that focuses on nonprofit website development, and they also provide many free of cost services. The company designs each website with a lot of care while keeping in mind all the factors discussed above to make the user experience right and also to promote nonprofit marketing. The company has a very well-defined set of values that they follow and ultimately have good results.

Wrapping up:

Nonprofit website development is something that everyone can do. However, not everyone can ensure that it will lead to good engagement from the audience. Online Impacts is an organization that focuses on building a nonprofit organization’s website, and they also ensure nonprofit fundraising due to the highly engaging and well-defined content they add to the websites they design.
A nonprofit organization allow us to develops websites, digital marketing, and technology solution for nonprofits utterly free of cost

Our mission statement:

Online Impacts is an organization that develops websites, digital marketing, and technology solutions for nonprofits utterly free of cost. Our primary focus is to help humanity and the entire world as much as possible.


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